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Cities in the eclipse's path are getting an economic ‘shot in the arm.'

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A total solar eclipse is set to occur across a wide area of North America, attracting significant tourism and boosting local economies. Towns and cities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada are preparing for the event, with smaller cities anticipating a surge in visitors. Even larger areas that regularly host events are expecting a financial windfall. The path of totality, a 110-mile-wide belt stretching from Mazatlán to Montreal, is predicted to experience economic benefits. Car reservations have soared 3,000% compared to last year, while searches for Airbnb listings have seen a 1,000% increase. The Choctaw Nation reports a 200% rise in reservations at its resorts and casinos. Mazatlán, which heavily relies on tourism, expects 120,000 visitors and an economic output of approximately $30 million. Indianapolis is estimated to welcome around 100,000 visitors, bringing an estimated $28 million to $48 million to the city. The eclipse presents an opportunity for Indianapolis to showcase its arts and culture scene.