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China blames U.S. for bilateral tensions, reaffirms support for Palestinians

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China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi criticized the US for escalating tensions between the two countries and accused the US of devising new ways to suppress China. Wang’s comments came as the US Senate’s homeland security committee voted to pass a bill that could restrict Chinese biotech firms’ access to the US market. President Joe Biden’s administration also warned of China flooding the US electric-vehicle market with low-cost offerings. Wang did not address the disappearance of his predecessor Qin Gang at the press briefing. Wang emphasized the need for trust and fair competition in the bilateral relationship between the US and China. He called for peaceful resolutions to conflicts in the Middle East and Russia-Ukraine. Wang also expressed China’s willingness to work with other countries to promote economic globalization. He commented on Taiwan, stating that the island will inevitably reunite with mainland China and warned those supporting Taiwan’s independence. Wang pledged to work with Southeast Asian nations to ensure peace and cooperation in the South China Sea. He cautioned countries outside the region from taking sides in the territorial dispute.