Washington University paid millions for 6 Loop properties owned by Joe Edwards

Washington University paid millions for 6 Loop properties owned by Joe Edwards

New records show that Washington University purchased six Delmar Loop properties owned by Joe Edwards.

No sale price was given for the transactions reported in February. These transactions were recorded in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis with a sale date of December.

The Wizard's Wagon, 6172-78 Delmar V Vegaz salon.

Washington University made no comment. Washington University did not comment.

It continued, "We do not plan to change the current tenants or the way that these businesses operate." We're grateful for Joe's partnership and appreciate that he thought of us when he put these properties up for sale. We are united in our commitment of preserving the vitality and success of the Loop."

Edwards had previously said that the university will be a good manager of the properties. Pin-Up Bowl will be one of Edwards' businesses that Washington University will rent.

Edwards said he was focused on completing a Loop mini-golf facility at 6160 Delmar Boulevard. The project, he said, has been hampered by supply-chain problems but could be open in July.

Edwards is excited to see a neon sign of 21 feet, designed by his daughter and him, installed at the Pageant and pin-up bowl.

He also addressed the commercial vacancies at the west end Loop, including former Cicero’s space located at 6691 Delmar.

He said that the businesses that were still operating like Blueberry Hill Pageant Delmar Hall, and Moonrise Hotel are doing well.