Vegas Baby! (Or South Korea's 'Hawaii'): These Are The Busiest Air Routes In The World And Stateside

The busiest air routes in the world are all domestic flights within Asia.

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All domestic flights are available in the world

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The United States cannot compete with the demand for air travel from Asia


The busiest route in the United States can transport three times more people per month.

OAG has published data for April from its air travel analytics company.

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The busiest route in the world connects Gimpo Airport, located in Seoul's capital, with Jeju Island.

Domestic tourists love the "Hawaii in South Korea".

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The most popular routes in the U.S. and around the world are:


Island locations are also favored over other entertainment destinations.

The second busiest route in the world connects Tokyo with Japan's northern island, Hokkaido. This is a popular tourist destination all year round.

The two most popular routes in the U.S. connect Los Angeles, Las Vegas and two Hawaiian Islands.

Short flights are also used on some island routes, as ground transportation can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. The inter-Hawaiian flight is the shortest in the ranking. However, the busiest route between Seoul and Jeju Island is the third shortest. In that regard, the flight route connecting the United States' largest cities over a distance almost 2,500 miles stands out. The most popular routes are usually 400-700 miles in length, so the JFK to LAX route is a real outlier.

International flights can be more expensive and more complex, and so attract fewer passengers.

In April, the busiest route is between Cairo in Egypt and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), which is the gateway to Mecca for Muslims.

This month, which falls in the Hajj season, almost 450,000 passengers will fly on this route. That's more than the most popular U.S. flight.