Urbanfund (CVE:UFC) Shares Up 1.2%

increase of ∞% from the average session volume of 0 shares. The stock had previously closed at C$0.82. The stock of Urbanfund Corp. increased by 1.2% during trading on Friday. 3,000 shares were traded during the session, which is an increase from the average session volume.

The stock price of jumped 1.2% on Friday. The stock reached a high of C$0.83 before trading at C$0.83. During trading, 3,000 shares were exchanged, which is an increase of 10% compared to the average session volume. The stock closed earlier at C$0.82.

Urbanfund Stock Up 1.2 %

The company's debt-to equity ratio is 88.96. It has a quick ratio (0.47) and a current rate of 1.61. The market capitalization is C$43.23m, the price-to earnings ratio is 6.92, and beta is 0.86. The company's simple fifty-day moving average is C$0.87, and its simple 200-day moving average C$0.88.

Urbanfund Company Profile

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Urbanfund Corp. is a Canadian real estate company that owns, operates, and develops a portfolio of residential and commercial properties. The company is primarily focused on identifying real estate projects and investments. The company's assets are located at Toronto, Brampton and Belleville in Ontario, Kitchener and London in London, Quebec City and Montreal in Quebec, and Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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