Uncovering The Persona Behind Nirvaan Birla

After studying abroad, Nirvaan returned to India and chose to enter the education industry, rather than joining his family's traditional manufacturing businesses.

Uncovering The Persona Behind Nirvaan Birla

Upon finishing his studies overseas, Nirvaan came back to India. Rather than becoming part of the family's conventional manufacturing businesses, he chose to explore opportunities in the education sector.

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Recently, we engaged in an in-depth discussion via Zoom with Nirvaan Birla, the Founder and Managing Director of both Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd and Birla Brainiacs Pvt Ltd.

Upon completing his studies overseas, Nirvaan made his way back to India. Rather than stepping into the family's traditional manufacturing businesses, he chose to delve into the education sector, driven by his inherent desire to foster growth in this field. He founded Birla Open Minds Education and grew it to include over 140 schools spread across 22 states and more than 100 cities.

Nirvaan has also partnered with the Uttarakhand Government and NGOs like Vedanta Foundation to enhance skills and offer employment opportunities to over 10,000 students and young adults across various sectors. Additionally, he set up the Birla Teacher Training Academy to deliver more comprehensive and effective training to teachers all over India, in association with the All India Institute of Early Childhood Care and Education (AIIECCE).

Birla Brainiacs, another ed-tech platform established by Nirvaan, provides a blend of home schooling and skill enhancement for students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

In an open discussion with us, Nirvaan shared insights about his business, entrepreneurship, his experiences growing up in South Mumbai, and much more. He plans to extend Birla Open Minds to over 1000+ schools across India and aims to reach 100,000+ paid users in India, Europe, and America through Birla Brainiacs.

A fascinating segment of the interview is when he talks about his transition from being a South Mumbai native to studying for his Master's in Management at the University of Westminster in London. After his education, he gained experience working in various companies of the Yash Birla Group and broadened his experience by working in diverse businesses such as Newby Teas UK, Sapien Capital Limited UK, and Motilal Oswal Financial Services.