Trump hit with new charges in classified documents case, third defendant added

This is a case involving classified documents at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Carlos Deoliveira joins former President Donald Trump and valet Walt Nauta as defendants.

Trump hit with new charges in classified documents case, third defendant added

Former President Donald Trump has been hit with additional criminal charges for his retention of classified documents in his Florida home after leaving the White House.

In a superseding indictment, Trump and his valet Walt Nauta are accused of attempting to delete video surveillance footage from his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach in Florida in the summer of 2022.

The case was amended to include a third defendant in the federal court, Mar-a-Lago's maintenance chief Carlos de Oliveira.

Former President

Donald Trump

The federal charges he was facing for his retention were augmented by three more on Thursday night.

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Trump has been accused of a new superseding


Walt Nauta was informed by his valet of an attempt made to delete surveillance video footage from his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, during the summer of 2020.

When federal officials sought to return government records that they suspected were kept in that location.

As part of a new indictment filed in the U.S. District Court of Florida's Southern District, a third defendant has been added to the case.

Carlos de Oliveira is the new defendant and head of maintenance for Mar-a-Lago.

Trump faces two new counts, one of obstruction and the other of willful retention.

The new charges mean that Trump faces 40 criminal counts. Special counsel Jack Smith, of the Department of Justice, first filed the case in early June.

De Oliveira (56), was charged with false statements, altering, destroying and mutilating documents, as well as conspiracy to obstruct the justice. The false statement charge is related to an interview De Oliveira conducted with FBI agents in January.

Trump, who is running for the Republican nomination in 2024, stored hundreds government documents at Mar-a-Lago, after he left his office. According to prosecutors, he took steps to hide them from U.S. officials who wanted their return.

Trump and Nauta both pleaded guilty to the charges. The case will be tried in May next year.

NBC News reported that John Irving, an attorney for de Oliveira declined to comment.

De Oliveira was ordered to appear at Miami federal court for his first appearance in the case on Monday.

Peter Carr, Smith's spokesman, stated in a press release that "Today a superseding Indictment was returned from a Grand Jury in the Southern District of Florida, which adds four new charges and one additional defendant to the previous indictment against Donald J. Trump."

Steven Cheung, Trump's spokesman, in a press release, stated, "This is nothing but a desperate and flailing effort by the Biden crime family and their Department of Justice, to harass President Trump, and those around him."

Cheung stated that "Deranged Jack Smith is aware of the fact that they are in a losing case and is looking for ways to salvage their witch hunt, and has decided to find someone else to run against Crooked Joe Biden than Donald Trump."

Smith is also overseeing an investigation into Trump's criminal activities in relation to his attempts to reverse his loss of the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden

Last week, the special counsel informed Trump that he was a target of that investigation. This notification is usually given before a person is charged with a crime.

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