The most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (April 22-28)

The most expensive homes sold in Jefferson County (April 22-28)

Even though the local real estate market is still strained due to a lack of inventory, we can still expect a few houses to change hands every week, especially at the top end of the market.

The gallery below shows the most expensive houses sold in the second-to-last week of April.

The gallery for this week features five homes from the dates of April 22 to April 28. The homes are listed from "cheapest" to "most expensive" for the week.

The prices of two homes were over $1 million, but the rest are lower. Below are some of the homes.

In this gallery, I only look at single-family houses. To ensure an apples to apples comparison, I excluded vacant lots, multi-home purchase, apartment complexes, and duplexes.

This home in Upper River Road, which was recently listed for $7.65m, is a luxury property. The home has all the high-end features, including a chef’s kitchen, two-story living rooms, large gyms and saunas, and an indoor multi-functional sports court with a large infinity pool.

The house is called LimeRidge Estate and it measures 16,000 square feet. It was inspired by a Belgian estate that spanned over 10 acres of private land. Bradley Bringardner, listing agent at Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty, told Haley Cawthon, Assistant Managing Editorial-Digital, in an interview that the property is a combination of architectural excellence and stunning natural beauty.

You can see a gallery of pictures of this luxury home by clicking the link.