Tech Tops, Dow Drops, Bonds Flop As Hawkish Inflation Signals Send Rate-Hike Odds Soaring

The text is discussing how quickly the topic of AI escalated.

0-DTE traders caught offside by NVDA after massive buying of calls and covering of puts in the morning.

As a side note, traders with 0-DTE were selling all day long with massive negative delta flow

The tech sector outperformed the other sectors this week. Only Consumer Discretionary joined them in green. The performance gap between the S&P500 and S&P Equalweight over the past three months is at its widest since December 1999.

Stocks are not screaming recession, but commodities are (or are they screaming QE-implied recession? ?... Will there be a'sell-the-news' on a short term deal ?... Then a bounce and then a reality-check that the short term extension won't be lasting?