Sherritt International Co. (OTCMKTS:SHERF) Short Interest Up 527.9% in April

( ) was the subject of a significant increase in short interest during April. On April 30, there were 54,000 short shares, an increase of 527.9% over the 8,600 shares on April 15. The short-interest rate is currently 0.5 days based on a trading volume average of 109,000 shares.

Sherritt International Stock Performance

Trading on Thursday saw a $0.01 decline, bringing the price to $0.40. Stock of the company traded 10,000 shares compared to an average of 20,277. The company has a moving average of $0.40 for the last 50 days and $0.39 for the past 200 days. SHERF was the subject of several recent analyst reports. TD Securities reduced their price target on Sherritt International in a research report on Monday, Feb. 13th from C$1.10 down to C$0.90. In a research report published on February 7th, Scotiabank reduced its price target on Sherritt International by C$0.80 down to C$0.70. National Bank Financial, in a research report on Monday, February 13, cut its price target on Sherritt International, from C$0.80 down to C$0.75.

Sherritt International Company profile

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Sherritt International Corp. produces and supplies nickel and cobalt derived from lateritic ore. The company is divided into four divisions: Moa Joint Venture and Fort Site, Metals, Oil and Gas, Power, and Corporate and Other. The Moa Joint Venture segment is engaged in fertilizer operations. offers a FREE daily email newsletter