SA's big event history key in landing XFL championship

San Antonio is being considered as the location for the May 13 championship game for the XFL.

SA's big event history key in landing XFL championship

The Rock Johnson, one of XFL's newest owners, wasn't going to miss the San Antonio Brahmas debut game in February.

It was not a scripted announcement that San Antonio will host the XFL championship in 2023.

The XFL’s No. The No. 2 market, in terms of television and stadium attendance, will not have a team playing in the championship game. However, they will still get the exposure associated with the event.

Garcia and Johnson announced this decision on February 19, just before the San Antonio Brahmas fired their first shot.

It might appear a risky move for a league that is trying to establish itself and gain a larger audience to hold its premier event in a neutral location. But XFL president Russ Brandon says that San Antonio is the perfect choice.

He said, "We wanted to celebrate our new market."

Arlington Renegades, D.C. Defenders and other teams that will compete in the Alamo for the title were all part of the former XFL. This was the XFL owned by Vince McMahon, the long-time wrestler promoter, and Alpha Entertainment, and it filed for bankruptcy on April 20, 2020.

The new version of XFL, which is owned by Gerry Cardinale, Gerry Johnson, and Garcia, Johnson, was looking for a fresh venue and a city that had experience with large events.

Brandon stated that San Antonio had a history of hosting many championships and great events.

San Antonio, and the Alamodome which has hosted numerous NCAA Final Fours, will host another one in 2025. The city also hosted several NBA Final Series and thirty years of Alamo Bowl matches.

Brandon stated that the Alamodome was a great idea. We have a good relationship with the dome management.

San Antonio is a popular destination for tourists. This could be a boon for the XFL, as it hopes to attract fans from different markets for its May 13 game.

Brandon explained that this was the real impetus. To be honest, there wasn't much analytical research done.

San Antonio's embrace of the XFL despite Brahmas' struggles on the field, and Mayor Ron Nirenberg's support for the league since its inception helped.

Brandon said, "It just all came together."