Russian Diplomats Berate US, NATO Over Ukraine

The U.S. pushes NATO towards a confrontation with Moscow that is "unfavorable" with the decisions the alliance expects to make at its summit in Lithuania, this week. Meanwhile, Kyiv's friends are "losing", in Ukraine, Russian Diplomats said late Monday.

The Kremlin is angry about the expected solidarity towards Ukraine at the NATO Summit which begins on Tuesday. It says Kyiv's possible membership in the alliance would be a danger to Russia, and that Moscow will respond clearly and firmly.

Anatoly Antonov, the Russian ambassador to the United States, said that the United States was preparing anti Russian decisions for the NATO summit.

In a Telegram post, Antonov stated that "everything is being done" to prepare the public opinion in Vilnius for any anti-Russian decision which will be taken in the next few days.

The Lithuanian capital's summit will be dominated with the consequences of Russia's invasion in Ukraine. Leaders are expected to approve NATO’s first comprehensive plans to defend against any attacks from Moscow since the end Cold War.

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Diplomats said that differences are also narrowing on Ukraine's bid for NATO membership.

Antonov stated that the situation was continuing to slide toward the worst possible outcome of the conflict between the Russian Federation, and members of the Alliance.

In an interview with the Russian RIA news agency, Konstantin Gavrilov said that the West was "losing" the Ukraine conflict.

Both the United States of America and NATO are aware that time does not work for them. "They are losing in Ukraine," Gavrilov stated.

Kyiv’s counteroffensive began last month and has progressed more slowly than expected. However, Ukraine’s military announced on Monday that its forces caught Russian troops occupying Bakhmut "in a pit" in the city's shattered east.