Russia's War on Ukraine Latest: Eastern Rail Hub Hit Latest Russian Missile Strikes

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(Reuters) – Russia launched a new volley missiles against Ukraine over night, killing two, setting fire to dozens of buildings and homes in Pavlohrad – a city and rail hub in eastern Ukraine.


  • According to the White House, Russia's military suffered 100,000 casualties during the last five-months of fighting in Bakhmut, with 20,000 deaths attributed to the Wagner mercenary unit.

  • A Ukrainian General said that although Russian troops were pushed out from some areas of the battle city of Bakhmut, conditions in those areas remained difficult.

Yevgeny Prgozhin, the leader of the Wagners, has renewed his call to Russia's Defence Ministry to increase ammunition supplies to his Bakhmut fighters.

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The governor of the Bryansk region in Russia, which borders Ukraine said that an explosion had derailed a train carrying freight.


Pope Francis stated that the Vatican was involved in a mission of peace to try and end the conflict between Russia Ukraine.


A senior Russian diplomat said in Washington on Tuesday that there has been no progress made in removing the obstacles to Russian grain and fertilizer exports due to the West's "sanctions strategy". This comes ahead of the expiration of the deal protecting Ukrainian grain exports.

The Ukraine grain exports in April totalled 3,62 million tonnes, compared to 923,000 tonnes when the Black Sea ports of the country were all blocked in April 2022 due to the Russian invasion.


Yevgeny Prgozhin: If the Wagner Group is to die it won't be at the hands either of the Ukrainian Army or NATO, but of our own bastard bureaucrats.

  • "The wave of the explosion twisted the door. We would have been trapped if we had stayed five seconds longer. "My child will need mental help. It is terrible" says Pavlohrad's Viktoriia Suprun.

John Kirby, White House spokesperson for national security: "Russia's offensive in the Donbas has failed largely because Bakhmut was involved."

The precarious Ukrainian healthcare system is revealed in liberated villages