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Trump Media stock swings higher after two very bad days

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Investors in a certain company’s stock are finally seeing an uptick in their shares after two days of turmoil. The stock rebounded by more than 12% in early afternoon trading on Wednesday after falling earlier this week. Shares closed more than 14% lower on Tuesday after the company’s premier product announced a major expansion into streaming. It also fell 18% on Monday after the company took steps to sell millions of extra shares. The company, which is majority-owned, is down about 60% from the all-time high it set. The company’s market value as of Wednesday was just over $3.5 billion. There are many reasons why the company’s shares have been so volatile, including its association with a prominent figure. Although the company is still worth billions of dollars, it is struggling to make money and needs cash. The company lost $58 million in 2023 and made just $4.1 million in revenue. The company’s extreme peaks and troughs have caused wild swings in the net worth of the company’s largest shareholder. On just one particularly bad day, the net worth plunged by $1 billion. The individual is currently in the midst of a criminal trial. More on the case here.