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Star Wars was the first Lego license — 25 years later, it's stronger than ever

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Lego Star Wars: A Successful Collaboration #

A design director at a Denmark-based toy company, Lego, has spent the past 25 years creating Lego Star Wars sets. Lego’s Star Wars license was its first official product line tied to licensed intellectual property. Since then, Lego Star Wars has become a blueprint for the company’s other brand deals, such as Harry Potter, Batman, and Marvel’s Avengers. Lego Star Wars remains one of the top-selling brands for Lego, appealing to multiple demographics and generations. The franchise’s evergreen nature allows Lego to draw on nearly 50 years’ worth of content. Lego’s collaboration with Star Wars helped the company during a time of financial turmoil. Strong sales of Lego Star Wars contributed to the sustainability of the company. The partnership has proven to be successful and is poised to continue for many years to come.