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Mayor AI? OpenAI shuts down tools for two AI political candidates

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Victor Miller, 42, filed paperwork to run for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, listing the name of a customized AI chatbot on the ballot. The chatbot, named VIC, would use artificial intelligence technology to make political decisions and help govern the city. However, the AI company that created the chatbot shut down Miller’s access to the tool for violating their policies. The use of AI in politics poses challenges as regulators and consumers grapple with responsible use while technology advances rapidly. Miller was motivated to create VIC after being denied access to city records. Wyoming law states that only real people can run for office. Another candidate in the UK who used AI models to campaign for Parliament also faced action from the AI company. Experts stress that AI should support human decision-making rather than make automated decisions. The emergence of AI political candidates raises concerns about the spread of misinformation in elections. While AI may have a role in tasks like answering forms or providing information, ultimate decision-making should remain with humans. Some view AI political candidacies as gimmicks and not to be taken seriously. There is no need for formal legislation on AI chatbots running for office. Despite criticism, Miller hopes his efforts will inspire more AI candidates in the future.