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Class of 2024: How's your job search going?

·1 min

By many measures, the US economy is in great shape. There are millions of job openings and the unemployment rate is low. In fact, it hasn’t been this low for such a long stretch of time in decades.

If you just graduated college, there’s a good chance people are telling you that you’re lucky you didn’t graduate when they did. That may include the onset of the pandemic, the Great Recession, or any time the job market looked worse on paper than it does now.

That said, getting a job straight out of college has never been easy. And oftentimes economic data can tell a different story than the reality people are experiencing.

That’s why a media outlet wants to hear from the class of 2024 about your job searches, for possible inclusion in an upcoming story.

Share your experience using the provided form. They will not include anything in an upcoming article without first reaching out to you and interviewing you.