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Barbara Corcoran shares the No. 1 trait her best employees have: ‘They drove me crazy, but I admired my superstars so much'

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“The key to a ‘good life’ is the ability to learn from your mistakes,” according to an experienced investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” In a recent podcast, the investor emphasized the importance of recovering from failure, stating that it is 95% of life. The investor shared that their top-performing employees were those who were not deterred by mistakes, and they became students of these employees to understand their recipe for success. Research indicates that reframing failure as a learning opportunity and being resilient enough to rebound from mistakes without losing motivation are crucial for long-term success. The investor also attributed their own success to resilience and the ability to rebound from obstacles. Other successful entrepreneurs, including the investor’s colleague, Mark Cuban, share similar perspectives on the value of learning from mistakes.