Pirate Chain Price Hits $0.29 on Exchanges (ARRR)

() rose 1.6% in value against the US dollar over the 24-hour period ending at 23.30 PM ET on the 12th of May. Pirate Chain's market cap is $56.58 millions and the exchanges have traded approximately $41,336.01 in Pirate Chain over the past day. On major exchanges, one Pirate Chain coin is currently available for $0.29 (or 0.00001075BTC). Pirate Chain's value against the dollar has fallen 6.5% in the past week.

The performance of similar cryptocurrencies over the past day is shown below:

Zcash (ZEC), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded at $32.87 per 0.00122548 BTC or 3.1% more than the dollar.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), which is a digital gold coin, traded at 12.72 dollars or 0.00047420 BTC. This represents a 0.1% decline against the dollar.

Horizen (ZEN), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded up by 3.7% in relation to the dollar. It now trades for $8.22 or about 0.00030640 BTC.

Komodo (KMD), which is currently trading at $0.28, or 0.00001049 BTC, has traded up 0.8% against the dollar.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP), which trades for $0.20, or 0.00000731 BTC, is up 0.6% in value against the dollar.

ZClassic (ZCL), which trades for $0.0445, or 0.00000166 BTC, is now 0.6% higher than the dollar.

It is a dPoW currency that uses Equihash as its hashing algorithm. It was launched on 29 August 2018. The total supply of Pirate Chain is 196 213, 798 coins. Here is a link to the article

CryptoCompare states that Pirate Chain was launched in 2018 to be the most secure and private digital currency. Its primary goal is to protect financial privacy for every user around the globe. Pirate Chain accomplishes this using the most powerful and acclaimed privacy protocols in the industry and a strategy that is unassailable. It uses a protocol for privacy that is not compromised by the activity of other users on the network. The majority of privacy coins have holes caused by optional privacy. PirateChain shields 100% of peer-to-peer transactions on the Blockchain using ZK Snarks. This makes for highly anonymous transactions.

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