Nanotech Security (CVE:NTS) Stock Crosses Below 50-Day Moving Average of $1.25

C$1.23. Nanotech Security Corp's shares fall below 50-day moving average.

() fell below its 50 day moving average on Wednesday during trading. The stock's 50-day average is C$1.25 but it has traded as low C$1.24. Nanotech Security's shares were last traded at C$1.25, and a total of 41,487 units changed hands.

The Nanotech Security Price is a Performance.

The market capitalization of the stock is C$86.75 and its price-to earnings ratio is -59.52. The company's 50-day and 200-day moving averges are C$1.25 & C$1.25 respectively. The debt-to equity ratio for the company is 3.39. Its quick ratio is 4.61, and its current ratio is 4.92.

Nanotech Security

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Nanotech Security Corp. creates and produces color-shifting materials and nano-optics for brand enhancement and authentication applications in Canada. The company provides currency authentication products such as security stripes and foils with the names KolourDepth, M2, and color-shifting threads or foils under LumaChrome for banknotes. offers a FREE daily email newsletter