Kyrrex Self Reported Market Capitalization Tops $43.13 Million (KRRX)

of Kyrrex was traded on exchanges in the last day. Kyrrex (KRRX) traded 7% lower against the dollar, with a total market capitalization of $43.13 million. $1.04 million worth of Kyrrex was traded on exchanges in the last day.

The market cap is $43.13 Million and Kyrrex worth $1.04M was traded in the past day. On popular exchanges, one Kyrrex token can be bought for around $0.17 or about 0.00000631 BTC. Kyrrex traded 2.4% higher than the dollar in the last 7 days.

The performance of similar cryptocurrencies in the past day is shown below:

KILT Protocol, or KILT, has traded down 7.1% in relation to the dollar. It is now trading at $0.34 (0.00001228 BTC).

Aidi Finance BSC (AIDI), which trades for $0.0000 or 0.00000000 BTC, has traded 2.2% lower than the dollar.

Zoo Token (ZOOT), which trades for $0.0652, or 0.00000239 BTC, has fallen 2.2% in value against the dollar.

CareCoin (CARES), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded at $0.0809 per dollar or 0.00000297 BTC. This is a 2.2% decline.

OmniaVerse, or OMNIA, is now trading at $0.0026 (0.00000009 BTC) and has traded up 1.3% against the dollar.

Kitty Inu, or KITTY, is currently trading at $94.38 or 0.00336546 BTC.

Hokkaidu Inu, or HOKK, has traded at $0.0004 (or 0.00000002 Bitcoin) after a 0.2% decline against the dollar.

Lego Coin (LEGO), which trades for $0.0167, or 0.00000061 BTC, has fallen 1.8% in value against the dollar.

Jeff in Space (JEFF), which trades for $2.75, or 0.00010076 BTC, is now 2.2% lower than the dollar.

Lumi Credits (LUMI), which trades for $0.0065, or 0.00000024 BTC, is now 7.6% higher than the dollar.

Launched on November 29, 2021. Kyrrex has a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens, and its circulating stock is 250,000,000 tokens. The official Kyrrex website is

CryptoCompare states that Kyrrex, a global digital banking company, is disrupting the financial industry and connecting it to online finance and cryptocurrency. The exchange of fiat currency for digital assets is now easier than ever.

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