Kazia Therapeutics (NASDAQ:KZIA) Stock Price Up 1.5%

The share price of grew 1.5% in midday trading on Friday. The stock reached a high of $1.35 before trading at $1.35. A total of 12,315 stocks were traded during the trading session, which is a 77% decrease from the average daily share volume of 54,536. The stock closed previously at $1.33.

Analyst Upgrades and downgrades

The stock's 50-day average moving price is $1.16, and its 200-day average moving price is $0.92.

Kazia Therapeutics Institutional Trading

A recent purchase by an institutional investor has increased the stock of Kazia. According to the latest filing by the Securities & Exchange Commission, the fund acquired 80,923 shares of the company's stock valued at approximately $89,000. The fund purchased 80,923 of the company's shares, worth approximately $89,000. OLD Mission Capital LLC held about 0.58% in Kazia Therapeutics at the time of its latest filing with Securities & Exchange Commission. Hedge funds and institutional investors own 3.47%.

Kazia Therapeutics Company profile

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Kazia Therapeutics Ltd., a clinical-stage oncology company, is engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. The company, headquartered in Sydney Australia, was founded in March 1994 by Graham Edmund Kelly.

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