It's Probably Going to Rain in New York This Weekend. Again.

A coastal storm threatens to deliver brisk winds and significant rain across the Northeast this weekend. It'll likely continue a run of miserable weekends for the region.

It's Probably Going to Rain in New York This Weekend. Again.

New York City has experienced its third-wettest autumn ever, with the rain lashing the pavement.

Every weekend since Early September

Another potential coastal storm is now threatening to make it a seventh consecutive wet and dreary weekend in the New York metro area.

Storms will form on the Mid-Atlantic Coast this weekend, and move north along the coast. The storm could bring significant rainfall to parts of the Northeast. Forecasters from the

Weather Prediction Center reported Wednesday

The exact timing of the storm and its duration around the coast will be important. Both factors would influence the amount of rain that falls.

Bill Goodman, meteorologist at the National Weather Service, New York City, says that if the storm develops early or accelerates, it could save the weekend with a crisp, dry day of autumn on Sunday.

No matter when the rain falls, it will be windy. As the storm system intensifies, strong winds will bring a chill to the region from Saturday through Sunday. Even if precipitation ends sooner, the wind chill factor will be high. Goodman says that with brisk Northwest winds, this will not be a typical nor'easter where winds are coming from the Northeast.

It may seem unfair to many, especially in New York City, that yet another weekend will be rainy. Central Park has experienced the 13th most wet year in 155 years. Central Park has only been dry for 12 weekends this year. The other 30 have ranged from rainy to total washouts.

Mr. Goodman commented, "It is funny that we have been getting rain mainly on weekends and that it appears that this will continue."

Models indicate that there could be more rain on the weekend following. Goodman stated that, like this week, the weather for Tuesday to Thursday next week looks great. If you enjoy the fall season, it might be worth going outside during midweek.

Mr. Goodman is optimistic that the trend of wet weekends will stop by November. He will be attending the New York Marathon, and he wants it to be dry.