Investors Should Embrace the Jerry Jones Playbook and Think Long Term as Earnings Heat Up, Cramer Says

Cramer suggests that investors consider Alphabet and Microsoft for their long-term stability rather than their current value.

Investors Should Embrace the Jerry Jones Playbook and Think Long Term as Earnings Heat Up, Cramer Says

CNBC's Jim Cramer believes investors should adopt the philosophy of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, by thinking long-term and embracing headwinds. This is especially true in an earnings week that will be very important.

This week, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms are all reporting.

Jim Cramer, CNBC's Jim Cramer, said that as one of the most important weeks of earnings season begins, investors can learn a lot from Jerry Jones, longtime Dallas Cowboys general manager and owner.

Cramer noted that Jones embraces the headwinds and thinks big. This week, Cramer urged investors to play the long-term game and not let short-term concerns sway them.

Ask yourself: "Are you already on the way out, because you and your management only see short-term results?" Cramer said.

Google Alphabet

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Cramer stated that two stocks should be considered for their long-term worth, not their current appeal. Both tech giants will report on Tuesday after the bell.

"I cannot stress this enough. There will be stocks - like a Microsoft, an Alphabet, or perhaps even a [Facebook parent]

Meta Platforms

Cramer stated that all the companies reporting this week have disappointed in the past and could do so again. "Can you steel yourselves?"

The tech-heavy


Investors waited for Big Tech earnings to see if they would be positive or negative.


Reduced by 1.4%

Meta Platforms

Also fell


Close the day with a higher closing.

Cramer stated that "Microsoft seems almost too easy. But remember, it's not for now. You own the stock because it could be a way to revive their ailing search engine Bing and make it competitive with Google." "I believe they can, but it won't happen this quarter."

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