Hospitality and Hotel News

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Hospitality and Hotel News

After making massive cuts in their workforce, hospitality companies have resumed hiring. This is countering the slower job growth in technology.

During periods of economic turmoil and slowing growth, hotel conversions are often a popular choice.

Field & Stream Lodge has joined a growing trend of hoteliers who are looking to capitalize on nature-oriented holidays.

The office of the state attorney general said that on Wednesday, the company had reportedly used technology to ban lawyers from other firms from using its venues. These lawyers are currently suing the company over unrelated issues.

The Museum of Modern Art is showcasing the behind-the-scenes work of Amazon's Echo and an assembly line in China.

The local government announced that six casino operators have won provisional licences to operate in Macau for the next ten years. They also rejected an outside bid to enter the gambling hub in China.

The 73-room Portrait Milano Hotel will open next month in Milan after a four-year renovation project. This hotel is part of the growing hospitality portfolio for the Italian fashion house's family.

Hyatt Hotels' Nick Pritzker, and Californian investor Riaz Vallani, are considering providing money to cover vaping company operations and short-term legal liabilities. This is according to sources familiar with the situation.

A record fine was imposed by an Australian regulator on one of Australia's largest casino operators, as authorities increased their scrutiny over a sector that had been questioned about how it attracted international high rollers.

After Native tribes who operate casinos pushed back, polls show that the measure known as Prop 27 is trailing behind.

The plaintiff claimed that the online casino operator ignored flaws in games and offered him money to stop him from alerting regulators.

Dajia Insurance wants to take advantage of the surge in travel since it took over properties from China’s Anbang Insurance.

Macau's casino operators have suffered losses due to China’s zero-Covid policy. Now, these companies are facing a new wildcard: a surprise competitor for Macau's newly issued gambling licenses.

The first Tempo by Hilton is part of an $2.5 billion project to increase the entertainment options available in New York City’s Theater District.

In the first year, shut downs and a visitor cap led to layoffs and losses at Universal's Beijing Theme Park.

Lots. The restaurateur has a lot planned for the future. He is working on a new book that will be released this fall, as well as expanding his hospitality consultancy and returning to NYC with his Welcome Conference.

Costs increase. The hospitality industry is facing a crisis. How did one New England hotel handle it?

Disneyland and Disney World continue to make more money than before, despite the fact that attendance is still below pre-pandemic levels. The company raised prices on some services and has eliminated or charged for others that were previously free.

How to spend your money at Disney's Orlando theme park

The Chinese Covid blockades, the slowing economy, and political tensions in America have all affected movie, concert, and casino business.