Hargreaves Lansdown plc (OTCMKTS:HRGLY) Short Interest Up 100.0% in June

( ) has seen a significant increase in short-term interest during the month of July. On June 30, there were 200 shares of short interest, which is a 100.0% increase from 100 shares on June 15. The short-interest rate is currently 0.5 days based on an average trading volume 400 shares.

Hargreaves Lansdown Stock performance

The price of the stock remained unchanged at $20.43 on Friday. The trading volume was 110 shares compared to the average of 295 shares. The company has a moving average 50-days of $19.98, and a moving average 200-days of $20.56. HRGLY was the subject of several analyst reports. Barclays raised their price target for Hargreaves Lansdown in a Wednesday research report from GBX 1190 ($15.31 to GBX 1230 ($15.82). JPMorgan Chase & Co. increased their target price for shares of Hargreaves Lansdown in a Thursday research note from GBX 707 ($9.10) up to GBX 770 ($9.96). In a report published on Wednesday, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft raised its price target for shares of Hargreaves Landsdown from GBX 850 (US$10.94) up to GBX 888 ($11.32). Two analysts from equities have given the stock a sell recommendation, two others have assigned a hold recommendation and one analyst has given the stock a buy recommendation. According to MarketBeat's data, Hargreaves Lansdown currently has an average rating 'Hold' with a consensus target price of $952.25.

Hargreaves Lansdown

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Hargreaves Lansdown plc offers investment services to individuals and corporations in the United Kingdom, Poland and other countries. The company offers individual savings accounts in stocks and shares, fund and share accounts and junior and lifelong ISAs. The company also offers pension services including self-invested pensions (SIPP), Junior SIPPs, Annuities, and Drawdown, as well as share dealing and fund dealing.

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