First Northern Community Bancorp (OTCMKTS:FNRN) Sees Significant Drop in Short Interest

,000 shares, a drop of 33.3% from the May 15th total of 150,000 shares. This is the first time that First Northern Community Bancorp has experience a drop in short interest since March of 2016. The stock was down 1.1% on Friday. Short interest in First Northern Community Bancorp dropped 33.3% in

() saw a dramatic drop in short interest for the month of may. On May 31, there were 100 shares of short interest, which is a drop by 97.7% compared to the total of 4,300 on May 15. The short-interest rate is currently 0.0 days based on an average trading of 10,600 shares.

First Northern Community Bancorp trading down 0.7 %

During the midday session on Monday, the price of a share fell by $0.05 to $7.05. The company exchanged 1,107 shares, as opposed to the average of 8,221. The company has a simple moving-average of $7.09 for the past 50 days and $7.85 for the last 200. The stock's market capitalization is $103.85m, with a PE of 5.61. It also has a beta value of 0.42. The last time the bank released its quarterly earnings was on Thursday, 27th April. The bank reported earnings per share of $0.38 for the first quarter. First Northern Community Bancorp reported a net profit margin of 26.59 % and a return of equity of 14.60%.

First Northern Community Bancorp

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First Northern Community Bancorp is the holding company of First Northern Bank of Dixon, which provides commercial banking services and products to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. The company accepts time deposits, demand deposits, savings accounts, money market deposits and interest-bearing transactions. offers a FREE daily email newsletter