EU Envoy to China Hails Xi's Call With Ukraine President as Positive Step

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BEIJING, China (Reuters) – The recent phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a positive step. However, the European Union Ambassador to China urged greater efforts for peace.

Xi’s hour-long phone call with Zelenskiy, the first since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, achieved one of Kyiv’s long-standing and public goals.

"We'd like China to do more and assist in reaching a just peace that includes the withdrawal of Russian troops out of Ukraine," Jorge Toledo Albinana said at a press event held in Beijing.

According to the state media, Xi had told Zelenskiy that China would send representatives to Ukraine in order to hold talks with all those seeking peace during their conversation.

Albinana stated that he expects a high-level dialogue to continue this year, including strategic talks between EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, and Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang. Topics such as trade, economy, digital affairs, and climate change are also expected.

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Albinana said that Borrell's recent comments on the Taiwan Strait dispute had been grossly overstated.

Borrell, according to reports in the Journal du Dimanche, wrote an opinion piece stating that European navies would patrol the Strait.

Albinana stated, "I believe what he has said is grossly exaggerated."

Borrell said in his article that Taiwan was "important to us on an economic, commercial and technological level."