Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Trading 10.3% Lower Over Last 7 Days

million and approximately $13.15 million worth of Ethereum Name Service was traded on exchanges in the last day. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized system that allows you to register and resolve .eth domains on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is up 1.3% against t

() gained 1.3% in value against the U.S. Dollar during the one-day period that ended at 21:00 Eastern time on the 6th of June. Ethereum Name Service's total market cap is $268.29 millions and in the past 24 hours, $17.32million worth of Ethereum Name Service were traded. Ethereum Name Service's value against the U.S. Dollar has fallen 10.3% over the past seven days. On exchanges, one Ethereum Name Service token is now available for $9.40 (or 0.00034694 BTC).

Ethereum Name Service Tokens Profile

It is a Proof of Work token which uses the Ethash algorithm. Its launch was on August 11th 2021. Ethereum Name Service has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, and a circulating supply of 28,554,049 tokens. CryptoCompare states that 'Ethereum name service (ENS) is a distributed open and extensible naming scheme based on Ethereum blockchain, created by the Ethereum Foundation with the assistance of a developer community. It's used to create human readable names for Ethereum address to identify counter parties and transfer funds securely, quickly and without needing long addresses.

Buy and Sell Ethereum Name Service

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is not usually possible to purchase Ethereum Name Service using US dollars. Changelly or Ethereum Name Service.’s FREE CryptoBeat Newsletter