Escobar: Iran And Saudi Arabia

The handshake between the Iranian and Saudi leaders has caused western leaders to reevaluate their investments in the region and look to China for solutions.

The Iranian-Saudi Handshake has buried billions of dollars in western Divide-and-Rule investments across West Asia and sent global leaders to Beijing seeking global solutions.

The idea that

History has a conclusion

The unipolar 1990s neoconservatives' promotion of this idea is flawed. It is in a constant process of renewal. The recent

Official Meeting

The meeting between Saudi Foreign minister Faisal bin Faisal al-Saud, and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Abdollahian at the Chinese embassy marks a territory previously considered unthinkable. This has caused undoubtedly grief to War Inc.

This handshake represents the burial of billions of dollars spent over four decades to divide and rule West Asia. Beijing also featured the Global War on Terror, the fabricated reality for the new millennium.

Beijing's image as the capital for peace has been imprinted in the Global South. This was evident at a sideshow, where a couple European leaders, a President, and a Eurocrat arrived as supplicants, asking Xi Jinping to join NATO on the war against Ukraine. They were politely dismissed.

The optics of the situation were still sealed. Beijing presented a 12-point plan for peace in Ukraine, which was called 'irrational by Washington's Beltway Neocons. The Europeans, who were being held hostage by Washington in a proxy conflict, understood that anyone interested in peace would have to bow to Beijing's new boss.

The JCPOA is irrelevant

Tehran-Riyadh relationships will, of course have a long and rocky road ahead. From activating cooperation agreements signed in 1998 or 2001, to respecting in practice their mutual sovereignty, and non-interference with each other's inner affairs.

The situation is far from resolved - the Saudi-led conflict in Yemen, the confrontation between the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies and Hezbollah or other resistance movements of the Levant. But that handshake was the first step, leading to, for example, the Saudi Foreign Minister's trip to Damascus in the near future.

Formally invite

Next month, President Bashar al Assad will attend the Arab League Summit in Riyadh.

This Chinese diplomatic coup began with Moscow brokering talks in Baghdad, Oman and the region. It was an organic development from Russia's intervention to save Syria from a NATO-GCC coalition of vultures.

Beijing was handed the baton in perfect diplomatic harmony. The US is determined to permanently bury GWOT, and all the negative ramifications that it has.

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The calculation included terror, but it was even more important to show how the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) had become obsolete.

Russia and China know how the US can torpedo any return to the JCPOA as it was originally conceived and signed back in 2015. They had to convince Riyadh, and the GCC states, that Tehran does not want to weaponize nuclear power and will continue as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It was then up to Chinese diplomatic skill to show that the Persian Gulf monarchies were afraid of

Revolutionary Shi'ism

It is as counterproductive as Tehran's fear of being harassed or surrounded by Salafi jihadis. Beijing has a new motto: let's drop these vague ideologies and get down to business.

It's business, and it will be. Better yet, Beijing will mediate and both superpowers, Russia and China, will guarantee the deal.

De-dollarization is a train that you can hop on.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may have some Soprano traits, but the prince is no fool. He immediately saw how this Chinese proposal morphed into his plans for domestic modernization. One Gulf source familiar with MbS’ rise and consolidation in power in Moscow details the crown prince’s desire to appeal to younger Saudi generations who idolize him. Girls can drive SUVs, dance, let their hair go, work hard and be a part of Vision 2030's 'new' Saudi Arabia: a global hub for tourism and services, like Dubai on steroids.

This will be crucial for a number of reasons.

Eurasia-integrated Saudi Arabia

Iran will be a future member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS+, just as it is destined to become.

One of the key BRI connectivity routes runs from Central Asia through Iran to the Caucasus, and/or Turkey. One of them, in search of potential investment, runs through the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf as part of the Maritime Silk Road.

Beijing wants to develop BRI in both corridors - call it

'peaceful modernization'

Applied to sustainable development. History repeats itself: The Chinese are always reminded of the Ancient Silk Roads that travelled through Persia, parts of Arabia and other countries.

Geopolitical Revolution

The Holy Grail is energy. Iran is China's primary gas supplier, and this is an issue of national security. It's inextricably tied to the $400 billion strategic partnership agreement. Saudi Arabia is the world's largest oil supplier. Sino-Saudi ties and interactions in multipolar organizations like the SCO and BRICS+ will help to advance the fateful moment when the two countries meet.


The Constitution will be firmly enshrined.

China and the UAE already have their agreements in place

first gas deal in yuan

The de-dollarization high-speed train has already left station. ASEAN has already begun actively discussing ways to

Avoid the Dollar

Prioritizing settlements in local currency was unthinkable just a few short months ago. The US dollar is already in a spiral of death by a million cuts.

The game will reach a new level of unpredictable play.

Never underestimate the destructive agenda of neocon leadership in charge of US Foreign Policy. They used the pretext of 9/11's 'new Pearl Harbor" to launch a crusade in 2001 against the lands occupied by Islam, and then a NATO proxy conflict against Russia in 2014 They want to fight China by 2025.

They are now faced with a rapid geopolitical, geoeconomic revolt in the World's Heartland, from Russia and China, to West Asia and South Asia and Southeast Asia. This can be extrapolated to Africa, selected latitudes of Latin America, and South Asia.

The turning point was reached on 26th February 2022 when Washington's Neocons, in an egregious display of their shallow intelligence, decided to steal or freeze the reserves of only nation in the world with all commodities that matter and the required nous to unleash the momentous shift towards a monetary systems not anchored on fiat money.

The fateful day was when journalist Seymour Hersh identified the cabal as the ones responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

Blown up

The Nord Stream pipelines actually blew the whistle to the high-speed train of de-dollarization, which is now being led by Russia and China. Iran and Saudi Arabia are welcome aboard.