Driverless Cars Hit By 'Coning' Incidents As San Francisco Group Rebels

A San Francisco-based group, which advocates "car-free zones, transit equity and the end to car dominance", is behind a recent wave of "coning out" driverless cars from Waymo and Cruise.

Safe Street Rebels members, who claim that cars are "polluting & dangerous" and "murderous," con driverless cars in the city. This disables the car, forcing it to stop.

Here are some videos of scamming incidents.

Some of the driverless cars are forced to hard reset after "coning". This is done to protest autonomous vehicles.

Now people will start bullying robots, right? That's how it all starts ... -- Wall Street Silver (URL) July 9, 2023

Week of Cone Night One was a success! Keep sending in your coning submissions -- ConeSF - Week of Cone (URL) July 6, 2023

ABC7 San Francisco reports that the rebellious group called for "Week of Cones" in advance of the California Public Utilities Commission's vote on Thursday, which will allow Cruise and Waymo expand their operations throughout the metro region.

One member of the group spoke to a local media outlet.

"An expanded and essentially unfettered street access is a bad idea." Residents never had a say, and never consented to being used as human guinea-pigs.

We are surprised that this group does not include taxi drivers or Uber drivers, who may be displaced in the future by autonomous taxis.