Continental Aktiengesellschaft (OTCMKTS:CTTAY) Short Interest Down 93.6% in June

( ) has been the subject of a dramatic drop in short interest during the month of July. On June 30, there were 500 shares of short interest, which is 93.6% less than the 7,800 shares on June 15. The days-to-cover is currently 0.0 based on an average trading volume 94,900 share.

Analysts set new price targets

BNP Paribas also upgraded Continental Aktiengesellschaft's rating from 'neutral to 'outperform.' This was in a report published on Wednesday, 7th July. Five analysts gave the stock a hold rating, and one analyst assigned the company a buy rating. The price of the stock fell by $0.05 at midday on Friday to $7.75. The company's shares traded 204,904 times, as opposed to the average of 38,000. The stock's moving average of 50 days is $7.33, and its moving average for two hundred days is $7.24. Continental Aktiengesellschaft's 12-month low is $4.27, and its 12-month high is $8.28. The company's current ratio is 1.16. Its quick ratio is 0.74, and its debt-to equity ratio is 0.28.

The company released its last earnings report on Tuesday, 25th April. The company reported $0.20 per share for the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was $11.06 billion. Continental Aktiengesellschaft posted a return of equity of 1.47 percent and a net profit margin of 0.52 percent. Analysts expect Continental Aktiengesellschaft to post an average of 0.7 earnings per share in the current year.

Continental Aktiengesellschaft Cuts Dividend

A dividend was also paid by the firm on May 10th. Dividends were paid to stockholders who had their shares in the company's records on May 2nd. The dividend was $0.1119. This dividend became payable on Monday, May 1. This dividend yield is 1.56%. Continental Aktiengesellschaft's dividend payout ratio is 120.00%.

Continental Aktiengesellschaft Company Profile

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