C-Suite Awards: Shelley Wetton of Five Star Bank

This person is known for being detail oriented, friendly, and good at coming up with new ideas.

C-Suite Awards: Shelley Wetton of Five Star Bank

C-Suite Awards are presented by the Sacramento Business Journal to recognize business leaders who have left a mark in their organizations and on the broader community. The honor, formerly known as the CFO of the year, has now been expanded to include all members of C-suite. This year's honoree is shown here.

Shelley Wetton is the chief marketing officer of Five Star Bank and its senior vice president.

Wetton, who has been with the bank for seven years, has focused on identifying the needs of the community and creating bank campaigns that focus on finding solutions.

Wetton is inspired by the initiatives in which customers and employees participate.

It brings attention to the important impact that our customers have on our community.

Wetton's most successful campaign was 2022 when she joined forces with the American River Parkway Foundation. Wetton raised awareness of the issue of homelessness on the parkway through a bank gift, a series public service announcements and print ads, as well as interviews with the executive director of the American River Parkway Foundation.

Wetton launched a Salvation Army campaign in 2021 to raise money and gain media attention for those affected by wildfires.

She continues to support women in business and encourage students to find local jobs. She also helps communities with low-to-moderate-incomes and underserved areas.

Mike Rizzo, Senior Vice President and Chief Banking Officer, who has worked closely with Wetton since her start, said: "She understands Five Star Bank's DNA." "That's exactly what she conveys through her marketing."

Prior to joining Five Star Bank Wetton worked for Buzz Oates Companies where she was responsible for executing brand strategies. Buzz Oates taught Wetton the importance of strong convictions, a trait that she has carried into her current position.

Rizzo said, "She is not afraid to take a stand." "And she does so in a manner that no one ever says it's not a good idea."

Wetton is not only known for his decisiveness but also as a meticulous, professional and personable individual. He has developed a strong reputation with colleagues, especially in the area of creativity.

She has taken on leadership positions on the boards of both the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, as well as 3Strands Global Foundation which works to eliminate human trafficking. She also built partnerships with Sacramento Universities to connect graduates to local career opportunities.

Wetton serves on various committees within the company, including the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. Last year, he created the Five Star Flyers, the first running team of Five Star Bank.

This initiative led James Beckwith, CEO and President, to include Wetton in the 2021 IPO Team, where she sold the bank's $3.1 billion brand via a carefully crafted video.

Wetton said, "It was both humbling and thrilling to be a part of this." "I'll never forget it."

Wetton's community-focused approach to marketing encourages customers, employees, and the younger generation to be inspired by local initiatives.

Her latest effort was a campaign with Capital College & Career Academy to promote enrollment of students in the construction industry -- an area that is actively recruiting to replace a retiring work force.

Wetton credits her success to her colleagues' support, trust and respect.

She said, "It allows me to be more creative, to take risks, and to continue learning."


Age: 51

Tyler is my husband. I have a son (he's 22 and will graduate from University of Nevada Reno on May 19, 2015!) I have one son (he is 22 and graduates from University of Nevada, Reno on May 19!)

What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you? I have completed 3 marathons and countless half-marathons. I am also the team captain of Five Star Bank’s running team Five Star Flyers.