Amateur golfer Gordon Sargent watches putt bounce out of hole in freak US Open incident

Gordon Sargent's putt bounced out of the hole, much to his dismay.

Amateur golfer Gordon Sargent watches putt bounce out of hole in freak US Open incident


The US Open saw American golfer Gordon Sargent suffer a bizarre incident on Sunday when his putt of two and a half feet bounced out of the hole.

Sargent, who just completed his sophomore year at Vanderbilt University finished the tournament with four-over-par, earning him the low amateur medal - the medal given to the amateur golfer with the best performance in the US Open.

The 18th hole was a strange moment in his impressive final round. His seemingly perfect putt ended up outside the hole.

Sargent said to reporters, 'I hit a two and a half footer up the hill which bounced back right at me.

"I haven't seen it happen for a long time, but sometimes that's what happens."

The tournament organizers explained later that the hole was damaged by the group of players playing in front the 20-year old.

The USGA released a statement on CNN saying that a member of the group in front accidentally adjusted the hole liner while removing the flagstick. Unfortunately, we weren't informed about any damage. The shim has been moved back into position.

Sargent won the low amateur honors in Los Angeles Country Club despite the problem with the hole.

Sargent made his major debut at the Masters in April of this year. The US Open marked the first time he has been able to make the cut.

He said, 'It gives you confidence as well as a good indication of what you should work on.' 'I'm confident that I can compete against the best golfers with my skills and only need to reduce the mistakes.'

Jordan Spieth is among past winners of low amateur medals at the US Open. Matt Fitzpatrick and Jon Rahm are also on the list.