Adversity Can Make You Better

No matter how hard things get, you can always overcome them.

Adversity Can Make You Better

You can be in a good groove when things are easy. Everyone has rough patches where they must face and overcome challenges. Those times, whether you believe it or not can help you improve.

Your response to these difficult situations will set you apart.

Bill Murphy, branch manager of Fairway Independent Mortgage in Auburn, Mass., and author "Thriving In The Storm," stated that anyone can succeed when everything is going well. Nobody sees the hard work and grit of getting through and overcoming things. It's there that the magic happens.

Adversity can be painful and stressful. It can also be beneficial over the long term.

Skip Prichard is the chief executive officer of Columbus-based library technology nonprofit OCLC, and author of “The Book Of Mistakes”. "At this moment it's painful, but once you get through it, you gain a new perspective." We become stronger, more resilient and tougher. We can handle much more now than before.

Prichard speaks to business leaders on how they dealt with failures multiple times and what they learned. Prichard stated, "When a new crisis strikes the business, they're used to it." They've been through this before. "They're different, or the team has changed because they've become stronger."

Murphy says that moving forward after a failure is the first step. You have to accept the setback and mourn it. Then it's important to look for another way to achieve your goal.

Murphy explained: "The longer I let my problems fester and wallow in them, the more I will not be able to work at a high level." You won't get a promotion if you are constantly pitying yourself. You can get support from others to overcome challenges.

You can feel better with a positive outlook

Adopt a positive attitude to overcome adversity. Murphy advises you to focus on the blessings that you have.

Murphy told us to "be thankful." It's easy to overcome low-level feelings by being thankful.

Make peace with the past. Murphy was neglected and abused as a young child. He moved on, and used his pain to propel himself to success. You should have a goal that motivates you. Murphy was told by his parents that he was not good enough as a child.

He said, "My intention was to show you."

You can also harness the power of positive thinking. Murphy competes in Ironman triathlons and runs marathons. He achieved his goal in part by avoiding negative thoughts and focusing on it. Prichard encourages young people take on difficult challenges. So they can learn to overcome adversity. Take on the territory that no one wants, or the project that others think is impossible.

Prichard stated that "if you don't learn to overcome adversity you will become vulnerable and susceptible instead of being formidable."

Get Better By Turning A Setback Into An Opportunity

Johnson was just about to make it into the NFL when he suffered the injury that ended his playing days.

Prichard stated, "He did all the work for him." He turned that adversity to a positive future.

Murphy advises that you should focus on giving back. This can help you overcome obstacles. He tore a leg muscle three years ago while training for Boston Marathon. He turned it into something positive, launching a fundraiser through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He completed another marathon on crutches. He raised 10 times more than he could have done otherwise. He said, "It was like a silver lining."

Consider challenges as opportunities for learning.

In California, he opened another studio. This year his Walt Disney (DIS), a company named after him, celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is now among a select group of companies that have reached this milestone.