A check signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is up for auction. Bids have topped $36,000.

If you have the money, you can buy a signed document from Steve Jobs.

A check signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is up for auction. Bids have topped $36,000.

You could win a Steve Jobs signed check for Apple Inc., just months after the co-founder of Apple Inc. founded it.

According to RR Auction which is conducting the auction, the check was dated July 8, 1976 - about three months after Apple was founded - and featured the first official corporate address of the company. This was the mail drop location Jobs used with cofounder Steve Wozniak while operating the business out of Jobs' garage. According to RR, the check was made out to Crampton, Remke & Miller, a Palo Alto consulting firm that had clients such as Atari Inc., Memorex Corp., National Semiconductor Corp., and Xerox Corp.

In its description, the auction house said that the document was "a highly desired, essentially perfect check from a pivotal moment in the modern history of technology."

The piece of Apple's history has so far received 18 bids, and the price is now $36,295. The auction is part of an overall sale that includes signed documents by figures from politics, science, and technology. It closes on Wednesday.

This is not the first item related to Jobs that has been sold at auction. According to a report, a fourth generation iPod Shuffle signed by Jobs went up for auction on eBay in 2011. The gadget was auctioned off after bids of up to $10,000 were made by prospective buyers. Last year, an original factory sealed iPhone from 2007 was sold for $39339.60. Apple 1 computers, the first models created by the company and hand-numbered by Jobs, sold for $442.118 at an auction held in December.

The Steve Jobs Archive published last month a free eBook that includes some of the wisdom of the late Apple CEO. The Steve Jobs Archive published a free ebook last month that contained some of the wisdom from Jobs.